And, honestly, that's a question most of us married folk ask ourselves (and our friends, and our family, and that stranger in the bathroom) from time to time -- only to arrive home one night, catch a glimpse of that smile and realize it was the best decision we've ever made. (Erik wipes away a tear.) Except when that son of a bleep cheats with that bleeping bleeper, and you find yourself bleeping pissed. What happens next? Cinematical has just received the final one-sheet for Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married (click on the poster for a larger image), based on Perry's stage play of the same name. Returning to the big screen for the first time in seven years, Janet Jackson stars as one half of a couple who decide to attend a therapeutic help-our-marriage retreat, but find complications when one of the other wives brings along a sexy young temptress.

As with Perry's last film, Daddy's Little Girls, there's no dressing up in drag here -- however, Perry does co-star in the flick, alongside Jackson, Jill Scott, Denise Boutte, Richard T. Jones and Sharon Leal. Part comedy, part drama -- and part Jackson (yum) -- Why Did I Get Married arrives in theaters on October 12.