Actors Robert Deniro (L) and Al Pacino arrive at the Tribeca Film Festival screening of 'An Evening of Chinese Coffee and Conversation' May 8, 2003 in New York City. (Photo by Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images)Is it bad that part of me doesn't care whether Righteous Kill turns out to be the crummiest, most overly-hyped piece of garbage this side of the equator? Is it wrong for me to say that I'll probably enjoy it for the simple fact that Robert De Niro and Al Pacino will finally -- after all these years -- be able to share some quality screen time? And is it horrific of me to believe that these two guys could play hop-scotch for an hour and a half, and I'd still leave the theater with a smile on my face? Probably not, since I have a feeling a lot of you are in the same boat as I. I think. Yup, thanks to some dude named Sean Henri, we get a first look at De Niro and Pacino together on the set of Righteous Kill. As of now, Henri only has two pics up on his blog (although he does promise more), in which both De Niro and Pacino can be seen walking up to what appears to be an apartment door, as well as one showing them standing in front of a Tow Away Zone sign (which is the pic you see to the right of your screen -- click on it for a larger version, courtesy of Sean Henri).

Directed by Jon Avnet (who helmed the still-unreleased Pacino flick 88 Minutes), and written by Inside Man scribe Russell Gerwitz, Righteous Kill follows two veteran detectives (De Niro, Pacino) who team up to track down a serial killer. The film also stars John Leguizamo, 50 Cent, Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Dennehy and the very adorable Carla Gugino (who I just happen to have a major crush on). Martin Scorsese is also rumored to have a cameo in the film as Lt. Winnfield, although nothing official was ever announced. But it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he showed up for a brief scene just to have the opportunity to square off in a room against his old pal and a guy who, surprisingly, has never starred in one of his films. Go figure there, huh? Anyway, enjoy the pics and look out for Righteous Kill to hit theaters sometime next year.

[via JoBlo]

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