Lionsgate must be very happy with its upcoming comedy Good Luck Chuck. The movie is the directorial debut of Mark Helfrich (unless you count his second-unit work on Critters), who is better known as Brett Ratner's editor of choice. According to Variety, the studio has already signed Helfrich for a follow-up, this time trusting him with an action-thriller titled Five Killers. The movie is yet another hitman story, and it sounds like a lot of other movies we've seen before. You know the plot: a perfect hitman or assassin becomes the target of other hitmen. Let's see, there's The Bourne Identity, Assassins, Grosse Point Blank, Road to Perdition, this weekend's new release Shoot 'em Up and the upcoming Hitman. And there's certainly more indie neo-noirs that I didn't bother to see and so can't cite as examples (feel free to list them in the comments section -- I know I'm forgetting some classics). This one was written by Bob DeRosa, who co-scripted Jieho Lee's The Air I Breathe, which screened earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival. DeRosa is currently co-writing Lee's next movie, an adaptation of the video game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

I have a feeling that Five Killers will be heavily influenced by Ratner, because Helfrich probably has the guy's style imprinted in his brain after editing all three Rush Hour movies, as well as The X-Men: Last Stand, After the Sunset, Red Dragon and others. Actually, Helfrich has worked on a lot of bad action movies, such as I Come in Peace, Striking Distance, Stone Cold and Action Jackson. It would be great if he learned something from John McTiernan back while editing Predator or even from Tony Scott while working on The Last Boy Scout, but it's doubtful. Five Killers will be produced by Christopher Pratt (The Air I Breathe) and Chad Martin. We will get our first chance to see Helfrich's worth when Good Luck Chuck is released September 21. As for The Air I Breathe, with which we can judge DeRosa, the film currently has no release date in the U.S. (it opens in the UK on December 14.
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