It goes to show, sometimes inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. Varietyreports that Universal has just picked up the 'supernatural comedy' Jeff the Immortal. Written by Chris Bishop, the story revolves around "...a slacker who discovers he has supernatural powers but uses these new-found powers for selfish reasons." This is where the unlikely inspiration comes in; it turns out Bishop came up with the idea for Jeff the Immortal after watching the Christopher Lambert fantasy classic film Highlander. Instead of an immortal Scottish clansman embroiled in an epic battle, Bishop decided to go with aimless slackers -- this is a comedy after all.

Chris Bishop started his comedy writing career on The Drew Carey Show back in 1995, and has worked on and off in TV since then. Jeff the Immortal will be his first feature film script. Bishop has also just handed in a first draft to Warner Independent for the remake of Night of the Living Dorks (Nacht der lebenden Loser, Die), a 2004 German comedy about three losers who bungle a voodoo ritual and wind up as the living dead. On board to produce Jeff for Universal is Marc Platt Productions. Platt is also behind Angelina Jolie's comic book flick Wanted and the Jonathan Demme comedy Dancing with Shiva. Since Jeff is still in the early stages of production, there is no word on a director or star. But lately, comedies have proven they can pull in the box-office, so I would guess that Universal will want to get to work as soon as possible.
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