It's been a long time since my teen years, when I was totally obsessed with UFOlogy and alien abduction tales. In the last decade or so, I even abandoned the interest enough to let mold infiltrate my autographed copy of Whitley Strieber'sThe Secret School. But I still have a passing enthusiasm for the subject, and so I'm very excited to see an adaptation of Strieber's The Grays moving into production. This time, though, the self-proclaimed abductee and horror author (The Hunger) isn't getting the barely-on-the-radar treatment that Communion received. Instead, according to Strieber's own site, Unknown Country, The Grays will be directed by blockbuster filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen (Poseidon) and produced by Sony. The movie doesn't have an exact start date, but the site says it should begin filming in the next few months for either a summer 2008 or summer 2009 release -- the latter stated as more likely.

The Grays is a more fact-based fiction of aliens than Communion, which featured Christopher Walken as Strieber. The book focuses on some aliens (aka Grays), called The Three Thieves, who are performing genetic experiments on humans, and a woman who may be able to save mankind through her ability to communicate with the Grays. Since Walken will be in anything, I'd like him to pay a nod to the earlier film by being cast in The Grays. He could certainly play the part of a military leader who tries to keep the aliens secret. Or maybe he would be better off playing some kind of Strieber substitute. I never read this particular book, so I'm unfamiliar with its characters. Strieber is on a hot streak these days; he recently sold the rights to his new book, 2012: The War for Souls, which Michael Bay is producing (and possibly directing).

[via AICN]
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