Young People F*cking
is, indeed, the story of young people, well, f*cking. But it is not the explosively shocking film that the title suggests. After forays into real sex with Shortbus, many are quick to imagine that a film which uses the f-word in its title must also be shocking in its plot and execution. But it is not. Sure, there are jaw-dropping moments, but they are served through the writing and scenes, not how much skin hits the screen. Martin Gero's feature debut is simply an adult film about sex that, as he tells it, discusses what happens after those first forays -- the ones that have been well documented over the years in teen sex comedies.

The film follows the scenarios of The Friends, The Couple, The Exes, The First Date and The Roommates -- but not in an intricately-entwined, John Sayles sort of way. Each group of people explores sex on their own turf and do not interact with each other -- instead, they embody vastly different sexual experiences. However, they come together by hitting the truths of modern relationships and how both the mundane and risque often come from the same place.