If you're not a fan of the style of comedy popularized by people like Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow, it's probably not going to be a good year in comedy for you. Varietyreports that Fox Atomic has purchased the comedy pitch Harvey and Marky: A True Story of Friendship and Betrayal. Jarrad Paul and Andy Mogel are behind the script, and "the story revolves around childhood friends who hit a crossroads in their relationship when the shy Marky gets a girlfriend and becomes more independent. This devastates the very domineering Harvey, who in turn hires a fake girlfriend to compete with his old friend" -- If nothing else, at least this film has a few parts for the girls to play; since most comedies lately aren't known for their inclusion of the opposite sex.

The comedy duo has been making some deals with Warner Bros. for the comedy property Himelfarb, and they have also been hired for production work on the Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man for Warners, starting production this October. Paul began his career as an actor, and has worked on everything from Beverly Hills 90210 to the *college crisis flick Kicking and Screaming. Paul started writing in 1998; his first (and only)credit was on two episodes of Stargate SG-1, so who knows how good his comedy skills are. The same goes for Mogel, who worked as a grip once back in 1997, and will make his feature debut with Harvey and Marky. Luckily, on board to produce the buddy comedy are Peter Principato and Paul Young. Young and Principato were the production team behind the Reno 911 flick , the upcoming Will Arnett comedy Space Invader, and another Jim Carrey flick, Me Time -- so at least they have some experience when it comes to cranking out comedies for the boys.

*Correction: Jarrad Paul appeared in the 2005 soccer comedy with Will Ferrell.
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