If there was ever a song that had to be played in a specific trailer, it was Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" that had to be played in the spot for Paramount and Marvel's Iron Man. Well, Apple has the first trailer up -- apparently a good 12 hours earlier than planned -- with the appropriate tune and far more footage than I could have hoped for. For something called a teaser trailer, it shows us a lot: a fairly comprehensive montage of the first act; a battle scene in which Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) wears his first Iron Man suit; the final suit and a cool flight sequence in which it is showcased. Plus, there's jokes. Myspace jokes, gang sign jokes, Da Vinci jokes. It is obvious that Robert Downey Jr. was the right choice for the lead. Of course, as it is technically a teaser, we don't see more than a few quick shots each of Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges (bald and Malovichy!). But I think they also accidentally slipped in a party shot from Downey's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

I have to admit for the umpteenth time that I never cared for Iron Man in the comics, but in the movie he looks pretty cool. For those of you who aren't familiar with the character, Tony Stark is a millionaire weapons maker who develops an armored suit, which he uses to fight crime as Iron Man. Paltrow plays Stark's secretary/love interest, Pepper Pots. Howard plays Stark's best friend and future superhero, Jim Rhodes (aka War Machine). As the villain, Bridges plays Stark's rival, Obadiah Stane. Also in the film are Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Hilary Swank, Ghostface Killer and, of course, Stan Lee. The comic book adaptation was written by Arthur Marcum & Matt Holloway and Children of Men scribes Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby and it was directed by Jon Favreau (Elf). Iron Man hits theaters May 2, 2008.

Update: It seems Apple may have realized their error in putting the trailer up too early, because the Quicktime pages no longer seem to be working. Check out tonight's episode of The Hills on MTV in order to see the trailer, or wait for tomorrow to see it online. Meanwhile, you can see some screen caps from the trailer on MajorSpoilers.com.

Update II: Forget the first update. Perhaps too much traffic is causing the Quicktime files some stress.