Boutique distributor Strand Releasing may be small, but they have exquisite taste when it comes to the films they acquire. They're willing to take on films that others might feel have limited commercial appeal. Yet they're still going strong after nearly 20 years in the business, which means they know what they're doing. Recent releases include Aki Kaurismäki's Lights in the Dusk and Eytan Fox's The Bubble. Brian Brooks of indieWIRE reports that their latest acquisition, announced in Toronto on Saturday night, is Jacques Nolot's Before I Forget.

Strand has picked up all North American rights to the French drama. Jacques Nolot both directed and plays the lead role, "a former gigolo who has been HIV-positive for 24 years," according to a review by Lisa Nesselson in Variety when it played at Cannes. He "navigates a slew of physical and emotional obstacles with mordant aplomb. ... Proceedings would be risible and sordid in less-refined hands, but Nolot has a knack, often via nicely handled incongruity, for finding the human comedy in awkward situations."

Before I Forget is the third in a trilogy by Nolot that includes 1998's L' Arrière Pays and 2002's La Chatte à Deux Têtes. Nolot's film acting career covers more than 60 roles essayed over a period of more than three decades. Before I Forget screens for the public in Toronto on September 13 and 15. It's due to be released in its native France on October 17. Strand has not yet announced their distribution plans.