Cinematical's first interview with Lust, Caution director Ang Lee had to be re-scheduled so that Lee could fly to Venice to receive the Golden Lion for his latest film; entirely understandable, and certainly not the worst reason I've ever had an interview move around on the schedule. One of the more polarizing entries at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, Lust, Caution tells the story of a radical group of Chinese students in the 1940s who send Wong Chia Chi (Tang Wei) undercover in an attempt to kill the collaborator Mr. Yee (Tony Leung). Armed with nothing more than patriotic fervor and what she's learned from Hollywood movies, her mission is as unknowable as it is unsafe. ... Lust, Caution resists easy appreciation as firmly as it rebukes simple dismissals. Lee spoke with Cinematical in Toronto about the process of bringing Eileen Chang's short story to the big screen, the opportunity to recreate 1940's Shanghai, the intoxicating -- and dangerous -- power of acting and art and the artistic and commercial challenges of the film's NC-17 rating; to download the interview, click here.