Death in Love is going to have many warm blooded women running to the movie theatres, as it's just been announced the film will feature a whole mess of Hollywood's young male heavy hitters. Best known for The O.C., but definitely memorable in Thank You For Smoking, Adam Brody will play a scam artist (according to the Hollywood Reporter) who trapezes into the life of Josh Lucas -- ahem, ladies?! -- in order to help instill meaning into his otherwise lackluster days. Lukas Haas -- who I've had a fondness for since before Mars Attacks! -- will be playing the brother of Lucas. The story revolves around the two brothers who are unhappy with their circumstances and somewhat lost in life. While one (Haas) works on his relationship with mom (Jacqueline Bisset ), the other (Lucas) befriends a scam artist (Brody). From there, we're not sure what happens -- as of now, that's all they're giving us.

Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans) wrote and will direct the film -- this coming from a guy who has quite the eclectic resume. I'm amazed sometimes at the vast differences between the stories he chooses to tell in his films (Uptown Girls versus From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money) and admit to watching -- gulp, and enjoying -- Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights while sick with the flu. The film is already set to shoot in New York and if I had my way, would be in theatres tomorrow.
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