If you've been waiting eight years for Edward Norton and Brad Pitt to light up the big screen again, then your wait is officially over. The two were last seen in the highly successful, mind-bending Fight Club back in 1999, and will now be appearing together in State of Play. The film looks to be another heavy hitter as it will be directed by Last King of Scotland's Kevin MacDonald and is based off of the British miniseries bearing the same name. Varietytells us the film has been in the works for quite some time (we first reported on it here, and then here). Universal Pictures received the rights to the Paul Abbott series and Pitt was verbally on board right from the get-go (they feared throughout the script's rewrites he would be wooed by another project, but luckily this didn't happen).

The film is definitely asking Pitt and Norton to bring the serious acting gloves back out in a story that involves political power, murder, love affairs and the compromising of police investigations. Norton will play the politico whose future gains are thwarted by a lover's death and Pitt plays the journalist who becomes too involved with the women in the investigation. Now if they would just cast Meat Loaf in some kind of role, we'd truly know what Peaches and Herb were singing about in 'Reunited.'
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