I have to be honest with you, as much as I enjoyed Casino Royale, when it comes to the villains I draw a blank. There was no one too memorable -- certainly no villain to match up to say a Dr. No, or even Grace Jones' thigh strangling technique. IGNreports that Danish actor Jesper Christensen (aka Mr. White) will be returning for Bond 22; his involvement has also been confirmed by MI6.co.uk and CommanderBond .net. Both sites reported on an interview the actor sat down for with the Danish media outlet vip.tv2.dk. And it was during said interview that Christensen confirmed Mr. White's return for another go-round with our favorite conflicted super spy. Now if they could just figure out who gets to be the next Bond girl, they might have something here.

Last May, Oscar winner Paul Haggis was hired to do a little script polishing for Bond 22 (he did the same for Casino Royale). In an interview with IGN, Haggis confirmed that Bond 22 is "not based on any book or short story or anything that Ian Fleming had done. Although it is based on Ian Fleming ideas. And it starts right after the last one, two minutes after Casino Royale this movie starts." The ending, in case you don't remember, had Bond (spoiler warning) ... tracking our friend Mr. White to an exotic locale before popping him once in the leg and delivering his first official: "The name's Bond, James Bond". Last month, Patrick reported on the first glimpse of Daniel Craig back in action. Location shooting had been taking place in Palio di Siena during their famed horse race in the Tuscan town of Siena. Previous reports had also put director Marc Foster and Barbara Broccoli in Austria last July, so this time it looks like Bond is definitely going to be earning some frequent flier miles.
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