Yes, as the title suggests, Jessica Yu's latest film is about ping pong. No, it is not a documentary. Ping Pong Playa' marks the director's first foray into fiction, and as she says: "Consistency be damned." This isn't about disabilities, art, or violence. It's a simple comedy about growing up and getting serious. It's also a refreshing reversal from the usual comedic fare -- a lone Asian American beacon of laughs in a sea that usually has only spots of color.

Ping Pong Playa'
is the story of Christopher "C-dub" Wang (like song, not sang). He's a plain ol' suburban American guy -- he loves eating cereal, playing video games, hanging out with his best friend, and playing basketball. The game is his big passion, and he swears that he would be in the NBA if not for his Chinese genes. Meanwhile, his family is absorbed in ping pong. His dad runs the family's ping pong store, his mom teaches it at the local Chinese Community Center, and his brother is a champion (and a doctor to boot).