Ricky Gervais may be the only person who can lie and get away with it. Well, maybe not in real life, but in his new filmThe Other Side of the Truth he is sole proprietor of fibbing. Gervais, who's starring role in the BBC comedy The Office won him fans worldwide, will not only headline the film but also make his feature directorial debut. The Other Side of the Truth is a comedy written by Gervais and Matt Robinson that tells of a world where lying is unattainable ... that is, until Gervais comes along. He soon becomes the first person to ever tell a lie and "harnesses its power for personal gain," so says Variety. Hard to imagine, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Gervais.

Gervais' voice and delivery is one that I can always hear in my head. Even while reading the description of the film I couldn't help but laugh. I love how he describes his character in this film as being "in the film industry, where actors are really readers who tell completely factual stories. My character's a loser who's about to lose his job, and who's lumbering through the 1300s. All he's got to work with is the Black Death. But once he lies and pretends he's found lost stories, he becomes the greatest storyteller in the world." Nice. The Other Side of the Truth is being produced by Lynda Obst and Oly Obst who gave us How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and (most importantly) Flashdance. The film begins production in the Spring of next year.
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