So we brought you news the other day that Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson would be co-starring as Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) assistant in the upcoming Sex and the City movie. Now, MTV Movies Blog reports New Line wants to send the gals into theaters on May 30, 2008. Yup. Is that not a ballsy friggin' move, or what? Forget the fact that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls (God my hand hurts writing that ridiculously long title) hits theaters the week before. Opening alongside Sex and the City: The Movie will be Eddie Murphy's Starship Dave and the Judd Apatow-produced Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Now before you write off Murphy, he won back a lot of mainstream fans with Norbit -- and if this film is as wacky as that one, he could be a pretty big draw.

As far as Marshall goes, I don't know much about it at this point. But here are the facts: Every film Apatow touches turns to gold; both films he had a hand in this past summer were major crowd favorites; and his other upcoming project, Pineapple Express, is getting some major buzz on the test screening circuit. Marshall is also a romantic comedy, albeit one that stars folks a tad younger than the Sex and the City gals (we're talking Jonah Hill, Mila Kunis, etc ...), but still. Apatow is hot. Murphy is hot. Sex and the City hasn't been around for four years, and didn't exactly end on the biggest cliffhanger eva! So is New Line making the right choice here? Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Sex and the City -- everyone I know adores the show, and smiles like a giddy schoolgirl when it's mentioned. But still. May 30? Do the girls really have what it takes to open large on such a big weekend? I mean, even The Simpsons waited until late summer to make their first on-screen appearance ... and we've been waiting 20 years for that. I dunno, I'm conflicted -- where are you at with this ... if it is indeed true?