Now that we know what this whole Hollywood strike is about, a new list has been circulating which details all of the films (and their directors) the various studios and production companies have fast-tracked. Not all of these films will wrap production by June 1, 2008, but it does give us a clear indication as to which movies are taking priority. Interestingly enough, the list also confirms some details that (as far I can recall) weren't previously known -- for example, Guy Ritchie is directing a remake of The Dirty Dozen? For real? Another fascinating tidbit is that Fox lists the A-Team as one of their top priorities, however I thought that flick was stationed way toward the bottom of development hell. Also on that list for Fox is Used Guys, directed by Jay Roach -- although we were told production had stopped due to scheduling problems. Is it back on?

Some other stuff worth pointing out: Dimension lists Eli Roth's Cell as a pre-strike priority, even though Roth has said the script still isn't done and that it may be awhile before the film takes shape. They're also fast-tracking a Porky's remake, with no director currently attached. You superhero fans should be happy to know that both Magneto and Wolverine are on the list, as well as Justice League, Thor and Punisher II. Those that love Martin Lawrence in a fat suit, well, they're fast-tracking a Big Momma's House 3, without a director attached. And hey, Fletch Won is on there too -- with Steve Pink at the helm. Random sequel time: The Birdcage 2? Really? There's a bunch of untitled stuff on there (including one from Cameron Crowe and one from Jon Favreau), so who knows how many of these will manage to get things going in time. Regardless, it's a good chance to see what the next year will look like at the movie theater. I've included the full list after the jump (courtesy of FilmJunk); let us know what you think.

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