If you're still reeling from Britney Spears' performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last week, it might help to remember that it really was just the latest in a series of headlines calling out young celebrities for making fools of themselves. So, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make a movie about it. The LA Timesreports that independent film producer Joe Nasser is in pre-production on Hollywood Brats, an indie drama based on the so-called 'celebutards'. You might recognize Nasser from his work as the producer behind the somewhat sleazy Anna Nicole Smith biopic. Nasser is basing Brats on what he calls "the public record". Which I would think is no easy task considering the amount of half-baked gossip surrounding these gals.

According to Nasser, Brats will be "...all about these girls in Hollywood getting into trouble...You see them all go to jail, you see them get arrested, you see them go through trials and tribulations". Nasser says that he will use real celebrities in his story, but could not confirm whether it would be the 'unholy quartet' of Britney, Paris, Lindsay, and Nicole. My guess would be that he's waiting to see if anybody sues first. Although, Nasser seems confident that he won't be facing any legal action, saying, "As long as we stick to the truth, we're in good shape." Brats is scheduled to start shooting in Hollywood this October -- and then probably to a discount DVD bin near you. Hmm, unless you're willing to pay 10 bucks for something you get for free on Entetainment Tonight.
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