I love the internet. Without it, actors couldn't use their own website forums to get feedback on which roles to choose. This is precisely what Paddy Considine is doing. In a forum topic titled "Considine: 'I Haven't Sold Out.'", the guy claims to have been offered a role in The Punisher: War Zone, and he wanted to know if it would be selling out to take the part. The issue has fans divided, but mostly the consensus is that he should do it, if only because comic book movies like Iron Manand The Incredible Hulkalso have great actors. Of course, there was discussion about the other Punisher movies being bad, though initially nobody seemed to mention the fact that the new installment will be a reboot of the franchise, a do-over with completely new talent and direction.

Considine posted again and confirmed that the role offered is that of the villain, Jigsaw. He still hadn't decided on taking it, though, and stated he would be reading the script today. He admitted that he only thought of "Jigsaw" as being the villain from the Saw movies. One enthusiastic fan has since posted that Considine must do it, because of the screenwriters (Iron Man scribes Matt Holloway and Arthur Marcum), the director (Oscar nominee Lexi Alexander), the star (Ray Stevenson) and the suggestion that War Zone will be the Batman Beginsfor the Punisher character. Another poster detailed the character of Jigsaw, a scarred pretty boy mobster, and pointed out that he should be a villain that lasts through more than one film. Now it could be your chance to join the forum and give your own opinion of whether or not Considine is good for the role (or vice versa). Personally, I've got Cinematical to express my own thoughts, and I think he should go for it, because he indeed would make the movie better by appearing in it. And it certainly would be good for his career to do a bad guy in a mainstream picture, even if it doesn't do well. Hopefully he has enough internet-presence to see this and takes my advice.

UPDATE: Turns out Considine is not taking on the role. Over on his blog, he's reported the following: "The original choice for Jigsaw dropped out, then they offerered it to me. I'm very dubious because the other films looked shite. Then whoever is responsible said that their original choice has decided to do it, therefore pulling my offer. The only blessing was that I didn't waste an hour of my life reading the script. That be the way of the film world."

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