After a brief hiatus, The (Mostly) Indie Film Calendar is back, offering a round-up of what's happening beyond the multiplexes all across America. If you know of something indie-related happening near you -- a local festival, a series of classic restored films, lectures, workshops, etc. -- send the info to me at Eric.Snider(at)weblogsinc(dot)com and I'll add it to the list.

First, a few indie films are opening today in select cities (mostly L.A. and New York). Here's the scoop on them:

Fierce People has been kicking around the festival circuit since its premiere at Tribeca in 2005. Directed by actor Griffin Dunne, it's about a woman (Diane Lane) trying to reconnect with her son's father, an anthropologist currently working in South America. Anton Yelchin, Donald Sutherland, Chris Evans, and Kristen Stewart are also in the cast. (L.A. and New York.)

Ira and Abbywas written by Jennifer Westfeldt, her first screenplay since the much-admired Kissing Jessica Stein. This time, the focus is a couple who got married too quickly and now must deal with marriage counseling, affairs, and meddling parents (including Fred Willard as Abby's father). Westfeldt herself and Chris Messina play the title couple. (L.A. and New York.)

Moving McAllisteris noteworthy for featuring Jon Heder, who played a supporting role as a favor to an old college buddy. That buddy, Ben Gourley, wrote the screenplay and stars as an uptight law intern who kisses up to his boss by helping his niece (Mila Kunis) drive cross-country. Heder plays a hippie they collect along the way. Wacky road-trip hijinks ensue. (L.A., New York, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City.)

After the jump, a rundown of what's happening this week in L.A., New York, Illinois, Oklahoma, Boston, and Portland....