Looks like the Weinsteins are big Joy Division fans. First they picked up Control, a biopic about the band's lead singer, at Cannes in May. And now The Weinstein Company has acquired the documentary on the band, simply called Joy Division, after its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Hollywood Reportersays the movie's price was "in the low- to mid-six figures" -- typical for a documentary, a genre that usually doesn't make more than a few hundred thousand dollars at the box office or on DVD. The Weinsteins added it to their Toronto shopping cart, which already included Boy A, Diary of the Dead, and the Spanish thriller King of the Hill. (Our report on the Boy A deal is here; on Diary, here.)

Cinematical's James Rocchi saw Control at Cannes and proclaimed it very good. He saw Joy Division at Toronto and lo, he declared it also very good. (Specifically: "A dense, rich and exciting look at a band who helped make modern pop music become truly modern.") The Rocc interviewed the doc's director, Grant Gee, too. James is now our resident expert on all things Joy Division and the movies pertaining to them.