With only two more films left in the Harry Potter series, could Daniel Radcliffe be eying another franchise? No, I'm not saying the boy wizard is going to replace Daniel Craig as an adult James Bond, but some folks (like the ones talking to JoBlo) seem to think Radcliffe is the number one target to star in a crop of new films revolving around the super spy as a kid. And, well, I kid you not. The films would be based on a series of books written by Charlie Higson, all of which follow a young James Bond while he's attending Eton College. It's there that he winds up getting himself into a whole mess of trouble. Although this isn't the first time someone attempted to tell the story of a young Bond (there was one book published in the 1960s, as well as a television series in the early 90s), it's believed that Higson's series (which kicked off with Silverfin back in 2005) has become popular enough to warrant a film ... or several.

But there's a problem with this whole thing. When we're first introduced to Bond in Silverfin, he's only 13. I know he's attending Eton College (as in, "Dude, he's 13 -- how is he in College?), but the school takes kids between the ages of 13 and 18. So, unless they're going to take some liberties with the books and jack up Bond's age, there's no way Radcliffe can pull off a 13 year-old kid. Especially after he's finished completing the next two Potter films (which, in case you're wondering, will put him at about 20 years-old in real life). And if they plan on following Bond through a number of films while he ages up, becomes smarter, stronger -- the whole nine -- then I imagine they'd have to find a kid, like they did with Radcliffe for Potter, that could grow up with the series ... and have it all make sense. But who even knows if they'd want to touch a young Bond now that the new and improved Bond is doing so well at the box office. So, chalk this up as a big ol' rumor and we'll see what happens in the months to come.

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