If there was only one man left on earth, would you want that man to be Shia LaBeouf? And I'm talking to all the women out there, because while there aren't any men left, there are loads and loads of women. Yup, I'm talking about the comic Y:The Last Man, which is set to become yet another comic-turned-movie -- and it will be directed by D.J. Caruso. The director, as you may or may not know, previously helmed Disturbia -- watched it rule at the box office -- and has since become the go-to guy for films that involve Shia LaBeouf. In fact, the two are teaming up once again on Eagle Eye, a thriller set to shoot once Shia is finished withIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. And after Eagle Eye is finished, Caruso will jump onto Y: The Last Man -- and right now it's looking like the lead role in that flick (a guy by the name of Yorick Brown) will most likely go to Shia ... well, if both Caruso and LaBeouf have their way.

See, LaBeouf has already gone on record saying how much he'd love to play the title character, but now Caruso is adding his two cents. While speaking to MTV, the director had this to say when asked about Shia's potential involvement: "This is funny, but unbeknownst to me: Shia was already chasing this part prior to anything. I haven't talked to him yet about it because he's off shooting 'Indiana Jones 4,' but Shia is the right type and the right personality because you want to have the humor, but you also want to have the seriousness. So we'll talk about it when we get there." Sounds to me like Shia is the top choice, although when MTV asked fans who they think should play the part, names like Mark Ruffalo, Tobey Maguire and Ryan Gosling spewed out. What, no love for The Shia? Originally created by Matthew Brian K. Vaughn, Y: The Last Man will be adapted for the screen by Disturbia writer Carl Ellsworth (with help from Caruso as well). Those interested in learning more about Y: The Last Man should definitely check out the rest of this MTV article; it's packed with all sorts of juicy info. So what do you fans think: Shia or no Shia?

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