So ever since Fox Searchlight showed up last summer with a little winner called Little Miss Sunshine, folks immediately began to scour the 2007 slate to see which film would be its cinderella story. Because you need one of those each year; a film that doesn't feature a full cast of A-listers; doesn't revolve around the politics of war; and isn't some two and a half hour period piece about a queen or a famous author with major issues. Well maybe I'm going out a limb here (having not seen the movie yet), but not only will Juno show up on several top ten lists at the end of the year, but I also feel it will land a few award nominations as well (best original screenplay, to give you at least one).

The buzz for this film coming off Toronto was stellar; our own Scott Weinberg (who's opinion you should definitely trust) said: "From arcane pop culture references to casually amusing slang words to pitch-perfect dialog volleys, Juno might be the smartest 'teen' movie since the also-brilliant Election." Big shoes to fill, sure, but I believe it -- ever since seeing Jason Reitman's Thank You For Smoking, I knew this kid was destined to do some wonderful things with the comedy genre. And though the trailer doesn't provide us with any laugh-out-loud set pieces, it does show a film with tremendous quirk and potential. Heck, I could watch Rainn Wilson call someone "home-skillet" for two hours alone -- but that's me. Juno is set to hit theaters on December 14. Go see it.

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