And they said it would be quite some time before the world officially came to an end. Well, I guess "they" haven't visited Lindsay Lohan in rehab lately. Yup, it's a slow news day, which means I get to write a post about my favorite woman in the whole entire world -- add to that the universe, too -- Lindsay La Lohan. She's beautiful, she's sexy and she probably knows where you can score some good rehab -- the perfect bride? I think maybe. Anyway, according to (via WENN), Lohan's father (who's just slightly more messed up than his daughter) visited Lindsay recently at the Cirque Lodge treatment center. After dodging a group of weird French acrobats, he finally made his way to his adorable baby girl -- who apparently had a lot to say regarding her future film career.

Now I want you to read the following Lohan quote, and I don't want you to laugh. It's not nice. Here's dad recalling his daughter's words: "Lindsay said, 'Daddy, I have done some terrible things and been addicted to drugs, but please believe me, I will never do drugs again. I hate Hollywood and I don't want to work there. I need a break and I am moving away. I will stop hanging around with the people that are bad for me.' "She said she does not want to live in Hollywood, as that is where the evil in her life happens." Ya think, pops? In fact, I'd make the case that evil follows Lindsay around like an expensive dog that barks repeatedly. So is this the end of Lindsay Lohan's movie career? Has she decided to give it all up and become a nun? Or is Lindsay's dad simply auditioning to become her new publicist? Who knows, but enjoy the Emmys!

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