72 days can seem like a long time. It's what, about two and a half months? That's like from today until Thanksgiving. And that seems far off to me, because we're cooking a turducken this year and I can't wait. To someone else, though, not so long. Say if you had to go to prison in 72 days, you might think it was not enough time. And if you just met the love of your life, well, you might be sorry that you don't have longer to spend with him or her. According to Variety, this scenario (not the one involving turducken, but the one with the prison and the love) is the idea behind Seventy-Two Days, a pitch made by J. Mills Goodloe (Pride) that Castle Rock will produce, likely for Warner Bros. More specifically the story involves a Wall Street trader who gets busted for insider trading. And yes, before heading off to that luxury complex for white collar cons, dude falls in love.

The drama probably lies in whether or not he should tell the woman that he's going to jail. Maybe he can lie and say he's dying. But then I guess she'd want to attend the funeral, and that won't be possible. He could be honest and hope they can make the best of their short time, but who knows if she'd be OK with having a short romance with a criminal. Maybe his sentence isn't even that long, and she can wait for him (I have to admit that when first reading the plot, I thought he was only going away for 72 days). Anyway, I'd like to see Barry Pepper cast in the lead and have this be a sort of sequel to 25th Hour, in which it's the character Frank's turn for a last moment (or many moments) before losing his freedom. Or, Goodloe, himself, should get the role. That scruffy photo of him (provided by Variety) could definitely serve as his mug shot.
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