I really, really wanted to like The Fountain. I remember running out of a TIFF screening to hurry over to the next theater to get a good spot in line. Unfortunately, the line was gargantuan -- larger than any I'd ever seen at the festival. Visions of Requiem for a Dream popped in my head while I waited, and I was sure it would draw me in and wow me with both the story and the visuals. Not quite. Response from Cinematical, like the rest of the movie-going public, was mixed -- like me, Kim Voynar wanted to like it, but was disappointed, while Scott Weinberg would have no problem recommending it, and Ryan Stewart called it a "gorgeous, time-bending epic."

Now you might remember that an unauthorized commentary was in the works, because Darren Aronofsky wasn't happy with the amount of features on the film's DVD. The director said: "Everything at the studio was a struggle. For instance, they didn't want to do a commentary track cause they felt it wouldn't help sales. I didn't have it in me to fight anymore. Whatever." Instead of fighting, he just made his own commentary with his friend, Niko, and it's now available on the site that he built for the filmmaker. So, if you're a big fan of the film, go to Aronofsky's website and rejoice. If you're not, maybe learning about the artistic intent will make The Fountain flow, rather than dry up.

[via AICN]