Although the Toronto Internatinal Film Festival has officially come to an end, Cinematical is still not done shoveling out reviews and interviews from the fest. Our writers have only so much time to scribble down their reviews in between screenings, and so the week after a festival is usually reserved for the remainder of our content. That said, we've already covered the most highly-anticipated fall films that screened Toronto, and based on what I read I wasn't that impressed. Both Eastern Promises and Atonement seemed to score well, while Ang Lee has to hope the Academy introduces a new category this year: Best Ballsy Director, for the guy who went and followed up his Oscar darling with a foreign language, NC-17-rated espionage sex thriller called Lust, Caution. Nice. The festival favorite seemed to be Juno, which will probably join Lars and the Real Girl in a race to become the year's Cinderella Oscar story. I also wouldn't count out Waitress; a film that has the whole real-life drama added on for extra spice.

But what about the rest of the season? What's coming out, what's getting good buzz and what should you go to see once it arrives in theaters? The Coen Brothers' No Country for Old Men is being touted as one of the boys best films in years, and lots of folks (including yours truly) are real interested in what Paul Thomas Anderson plans to do with his turn-of-the-century oil tale, There Will Be Blood. Ridley Scott's American Gangster is scoring lots of high marks for the performances (Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe) and Ben Affleck's Gone, Baby, Gone is also drawing lots of buzz for being, well, a good film that's actually directed by Ben Affleck!. Apart from the awards contenders, New Line is hoping to resurrect some of the December dollars they enjoyed during the Lord of the Rings run by shelling out The Golden Compass, and Vince Vaughn will be beaten up by Santa's elves in Fred Claus. Oh, and how can we forget Jerry Seinfeld's animated flick Bee Movie, as well as Robert Zemeckis' "It's good, because they look real" flick Beowulf? I could go on, having skipped a ton of films opening in the next few months, but here's where I open it up to you:

Which films are you looking forward to seeing the most this fall?