Part of me thinks this is a really great thing for the undiscovered talent out there, but then another part of me is a tad worried that MTV is looking to YouTube for their feature film ideas. Whatever you make of it, the deal is done -- and Variety reports that MTV plans to bring the comedy duo (and YouTube stars) Million Dollar Strong to the big screen, with Todd Phillips (Old School) onboard to produce. But before you go and say to your friend: "Holy crap, MTV is turning a couple of YouTube schmucks into stars!," comedians Mike O'Connell and Ken Jeong (aka Million Dollar Strong) have been around the block once or twice already. Which is to say these guys aren't going from mom's basement to movie stardom in just one hop, skip and jump.

The film, like O'Connell and Jeong's ultra popular YouTube music video What's It Gonna Be, will follow the two "playas" while they attempt to take on the hip-hop world. Essentially, it's like extending what amounts to be a hilarious SNL sketch to an hour and a half -- which, as we all know, has worked (Wayne's World) and, well, not so much (A Night at the Roxbury, Stuart Saves His Family, The Ladies Man, etc ...). O'Connell, who's been a standup comedian and recently shot a pilot for Fox, will pen the script, with Jeong (Knocked Up, All About Steve) co-starring. Since I'm a nice guy like that, here's the music video they shot (though keep in mind it does feature some foul language). No director is assigned yet, but I imagine MTV will try to shovel this one out pre-strike.

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