If there is one thing that can strike fear in the hearts of moviegoers everywhere, it's the term "model-turned-actress". I mean, has anyone seen Fair Game? Truly scary. Vogue UK is now reporting that runway bad-girl Naomi Campbell has signed on for a role in Spike Lee's new film about African-American serviceman during WWII. The film was adapted from James McBride's novel Miracle at St. Anna, and first gained ink when Lee had made some controversial comments to the press while scouting locations in Italy back in July. Lee told reporters, "If you look at the history of Hollywood, the black soldiers who fought WWII are totally invisible," -- although, he is hardly the first to notice the oversight.

Campbell has worked with Lee once before, when she had a small role in his phone-sex worker flick Girl 6 -- and since I'm in the small minority who enjoyed the film, I can say with certainty that acting was definitely not her strong point. But, Campbell has racked up a few small roles and cameos over the years. According to Vogue (via Campbell): "It's a very very small role but it involves subject matter that I'm really passionate about...I'll do anything for Spike and I really think we should be more educated about the role of people of colour in our history". So, it looks like it's strictly the sidelines for the untried actress. Campbell did tell Vogue, however, that there will be some announcements about the film soon and that it could be out in theaters as early as next year. One thing is for sure -- if she gets a little upset while on the set, someone might want to tell her assistants to duck.
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