Last week I told you about the report that Max Makowski had been hired to direct the upcoming big screen adaptation of 1970s TV series Kung Fu. (You remember that show: it starred a bald David Carradine, pictured.) Now Varietyis weighing in with additional details. Makowski replaces Allen and Albert Hughes, who had been signed to direct. I speculated on the reasons why they may have jumped ship; Variety says they are busy preparing to film The Book of Eli for Warner Brothers. We already knew about that deal; it's the post-apocalyptic drama Erik Davis told us about in May.

Adding credence to my thought that the brothers may not have been happy with the Kung Fu script rewritten by Cory Goodman, Variety also reports that the "project is out to writers in order to get the script ready to go before a possible strike." Goodman's script may have been great, but maybe not completely in tune with what the Hughes Brothers wanted. Or, maybe they preferred the "lone hero" at the heart of The Book of Eli to Caine, the lone hero of Kung Fu.

In any event, Makowski reportedly intends to give Kung Fu an edgier take than the series. Does that mean less philosophy and more ass-kicking? In his review of the first season DVD box set, Stuart Galbraith of DVD Talk noted: "By today's standards, the martial arts sequences only look silly. They have no vitality or authenticity." I'd love to see some dynamic action scenes in the new Kung Fu, but not at the expense of the life lessons imparted by the Shaolin temple monks to young Caine. We'll keep an eye on this one, grasshopper.
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