Although we still haven't been able to see what the new and improved Hulk will look like in action, thanks to a whole new batch of set pics, we now get a taste of the green monster's destruction. Some dude named Ronin Kengo snapped a bunch of pics that show Yonge Street in Toronto done up to look like the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. And let's just say said neighborhood appears to have had a very large beast stroll through for a little car crunching. The dude has all the pics up over on his blog, and my favorites have to go to the two of three that feature a smashed-up car sticking out the side of a NYC bus (one of which you can see to the right of your screen and click on for a larger version). Damn, I'd love to know how long it took to set that shot up -- nevermind what it will look like when the scene unfolds on the big screen.

Apart from the aforementioned "car sticking out of bus" photo, there are a few others which show a NYC street lined with cars that appear to have been stepped on by Hulk, as well as a shot of the famed Apollo Theater (not the real one, of course) and a few NYC-style shops (gotta include the pizza place!). Additionally -- and this should really excite you hardcore Hulk fans -- Superherohype confirms (via a Variety story I cannot find at the moment) that none other than Lou Ferrigno will have a role in The Incredible Hulk. Ferrigno, as you should be aware, starred as The Incredible Hulk back in the day opposite Bill Bixby's Bruce Banner. No word yet on who he will play, though I wouldn't be surprised if it's a character who, at some point, comes face to face with the green dude -- this way they can adequately play up the "Oooh, look at that cameo" moment. The Incredible Hulk will stomp its way into theaters on June 13.

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