You've probably seen them littering the DVD shelves by now: The first three releases from Warner Home Video's "Raw Feed" slate. Basically a bunch of low-budget, high-return horror titles that'd never make a multiplex nickel but apparently sell like gore-coated hotcakes on the video market. The first one was called Rest Stop, and the follow-ups were Sublime and Believers. Watchable, forgettable genre churnings all the way, but according to Variety, we can now get ready for another batch.

Next up from Raw Feed will be a comedy-horror flick called Otis, which stars the likes of Daniel Stern, Illeana Douglas and Kevin Pollak. Production on that one begins next week. After that we can look forward to something called Supermarket ... and then the inevitable arrival of Rest Stop 2. Each of the films will be produced / directed by the team of Tony Krantz, John Shiban and Blair Witch co-creator Daniel Myrick.

Here's hoping the next batch is just a little bit better than the first one. I've seen Rest Stop, Sublime and Believers, and while none of 'em are rotten ... let's just say there's some room for improvement and then simply sit back and wait for the new horror flicks.
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