Say what you want about Wes Anderson's last film The Life Aquatic (which I happen to really like -- don't tell anyone), but you have to give him credit for his commercial work. He last showed up with an American Express commerical that absolutely rocked; not only did Anderson direct that one, but he also starred as himself -- a guy who calmly walks through a frantic film set, and always has his AMEX card there to bail him out. I love every aspect of that commerical, especially the part where Anderson is introduced to a little girl who apparently loves his work. "That true," Anderson asks her. And she just shrugs her shoulders, as if to say "No, but I've been told to love your work." I dig it.

Well now, Anderson is back with a group of AT&T commercials, all of which can be viewed in their entirety over at SlashFilm. While I don't adore them as much as that American Express spot, they're very well done and definitely worthy of your time. Each spot displays Anderson's love for those long one-shots, and they're sure to remind some (as they did with Peter from SlashFilm) of that one-shot of the submarine from Life Aquatic. Basically, the ads are "designed to highlight how AT&T helps connect people to their worlds wherever they live and work," and each follows one person on a rotating set to the various locations in which they'll need to use AT&T's service. It's pretty cool stuff, and I especially liked the one with the TV reporter. So head on over to SlashFilm to check them out, and stay tuned to Cinematical for our review of Anderson's latest, The Darjeeling Limited, which will screen at the New York Film Festival prior to its theatrical release on September 29.

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