Leaving out any of the main players would've made things tricky, but it looks like the feature film for Sex and the City needn't worry. In August, Mr. Big (Chris Noth) officially signed on, and now the last of the male stragglers have followed suit. Along with the ladies, Big, and Evan Handler, better known as the best-husband-ever Harry Goldenblatt, MTV has posted that Samantha's love stud Jerry "Smith" Jerrod (Jason Lewis) and Miranda's hooch-serving husband Steve Brady (David Eigenberg) will also be along for the ride. I guess this means that all of the women have, indeed, found men to stick, and that none of the guys have been added to the ex-ranks that house post-it jerks, mama's boys, drunks, and a harem of other questionable men.

Although the movie is going to start filming this week in, of course, Manhattan, there hasn't been too much word on new blood. The lone new addition to be released is Jennifer Hudson, who will play Carrie's assistant -- one that is already sounding classier than Carrie's pro-virginity fan and wanna-be helper who can spot crabs. Unfortunately, we're also still waiting for any sort of news on what the heck this film will be about. As Erik mentioned before, TVSquad found some spoilers, but they are of the random variety -- holidays featured in the flick, a description of some new characters. How they all fit together -- that's anyone's guess!

Personally, I'd like to see some of the past struggles wrapped up and a film full of the same ladies, but without the same gripes. It would be great for Steve to notice that Miranda bends over backward for him, and isn't as self-centered as he always insinuates. Charlotte finally has a baby, so maybe she'll become a top show dog lady, or maybe head back into art. Samantha beat cancer, and welcomed her sex drive back, but I still want to see how her and Smith function -- they've got the sex and the love, but do they have anything else in common? And finally, Carrie. She nabbed the uncatchable fish, so hopefully this feature doesn't follow her and Aidan's wedding qualms, but what would be her new struggle? She's got the written success, the man, the friends, and the city.

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