Who doesn't love male prostitution? Finland must believe there's a lot of love out there for the subject, since they've submitted the "call boy" drama A Man's Job as their entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, according to Variety. The article notes that the film is already well-traveled on the festival circuit (Rotterdam, London, Moscow) and is due to screen at the San Sebastian fest shortly.

An expert jury made the decision after watching all 11 films that were eligible. The jury describedA Man's Job as "a balanced film with talented acting as well as good story and dialogue. The visual world is consistent with the script and makes the audience really live with the story. The story is not black and white and its tragicomical aspects support its thematics." The film tells the story of an unemployed man who secretly becomes a prostitute in order to support his wife -- whose mental state is precarious -- and three children.

Tommi Korpela stars as the conflicted Finnish gigolo. Aleksi Salmenperä wrote and directed; his previous film, Producing Adults, was a very good comedy-drama about a married couple reaching a crisis point. That leads me to believe that A Man's Job is well worth a look. The official site features the English banner "Michael's Hot Date." You can get a feel for the movie by watching the six video clips on the site; the first one is the full-length trailer, the second is an outtake, and the others are teasers. Be aware that the trailer and teasers all contain a shot of discreet male frontal nudity. A Man's Job does not yet have US distribution.
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