Imagine if you will the incredible team-up of Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and Wiliam H. Macy -- not simply in the same movie, mind you, but as an on-screen trio. Now, imagine that they are playing the old security guards from Night at the Museum. OK, you've got a good mental picture of what The Lonely Maidenmight look like. According to Variety, the three actors have been cast in the comedy, which was written by Michael LaSieur (You, Me and Dupree). The plot follows these three guards at an art museum (unlike Night's Museum of Natural History) who have become really attached to the paintings and other works they watch over every night. So, when some of the pieces are transferred to another location, the guys decide to pull a heist and steal the works in order to return them to their museum. Maybe they could have simply gotten jobs at this new place, but whatever.

The plot is very different from Night at the Museum, obviously, but I really can't get it out of my head that Freeman, Walken and Macy make for an almost perfect parallel to their respective counterparts Bill Cobbs, Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney. It's like this is a prequel to that hit Ben Stiller comedy. Sorta. Anyway, I'm excited to see these three actors working together. It's a much better mix for Macy than Wild Hogs, and it kinda reunites him with a fellow Another Worldcast member (did he and Freeman ever appear in an episode together?). Most importantly, though, is the fact that The Lonely Maiden will be just as much fun to listen to than to watch; rarely are such distinct and enjoyable voices grouped together in a non-animated movie. The Lonely Maiden (the title probably refers to a painting) will be be directed by Peter Hewitt (Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey) and begins shooting in Boston on November 12. Maybe at the Museum of Fine Arts?
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