Over on her official website, director Lexi Alexander has revealed three new additions to the Punisher: War Zone cast. While she still hasn't let slip who'll be playing Jigsaw (I have a feeling this will be a pretty solid name, though it won't be Paddy Considine), she does tell us who'll be filling in for some other characters, aside from the casting of Ray Stevenson as The Punisher (something we already knew). Alexander kicks off the announcement by saying: "There are not a lot of directors in the process of making a studio action film who can say that they don't have at least one bad actor somebody made them cast. I can say that. Still. (Knocking on every piece of wood as I speak). I have the best cast on the planet. The movie Gods were watching over me. I know, I know, give it up already. Well, here is who I'm allowed to reveal:"

And who does she reveal -- drum roll please -- Dash Mikok as Detective Martin Soap, Colin Salmon as Agent Paul Budiansky and Doug Hutchinson as Loony Bin Jim. Alexander concludes the announcement by teasing us once again: "As I look at their headshots on the wall in my office, my heart does little summersaults. And... I have the perfect, most talented Jigsaw!!!!!!! Stay tuned. (Don't you hate that)." Yes, we do hate that -- tell us who it is already! Over on her site, Alexander also provides pictures of the three men alongside comic illustrations of the characters -- and might I add, they look pretty similar. But ain't that the point? As Christopher already told us, this Punisher film has nothing at all to do with the other flicks starring Thomas Jane and Dolph Lundgren (thank God) -- think of it as sort of a re-do, another take, a "this is our last try before the Punisher goes bye bye for good." No release date planned as of now, but the flick is on the pre-strike list, so it will most likely be heading to theaters next year.

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