Think back in your life, and chances are the person you got along with most was your grandparents, especially when you were an adolescent. They liked to sit around and complain about how horrible everything was. So did you. And of course you had a common enemy: your parents. Surprising how compelling it can be to hear the aged go on about something they dislike.

The recently debuted "Reel Geezers" (thanks to Heather for the link), features two self-appointed critics, sinking into Superbad; they are "Marcia," a film producer of some years, and "Lorenzo," a retiree in shorts and red shirt, who identifies himself as "an old fella...who had many adventures in peace and war." Lorenzo, who opines that Superbad was "foul beyond description," rather liked it for its honesty, and deems it absolutely brilliant. Marcia reminisces about much discussion there was about getting menstruation into the famous opening scene of Carrie. Now, that blood is just a joke Superbad, a "women-hating film." The two mull it a bit, stopping to talk about the problems of doing a film about adolescence without falling into the adolescent mind set. Then, from behind the camera, a slightly exasperated director cuts in: "So, should people go see it?"

The two geezers in question look familiar. Lorenzo is doubtless Lorenzo Semple Jr., script-consultant for 79 episodes of the still highly diverting Batman show, the delivery system that hooked America on the endlessly fascinating caped crusader. He later toiled on De Laurentiis' Flash Gordon, a non-canonical Bond film, and the first remake of King Kong. As for Marcia, here's a guess, based on a few hunches: Marcia Nasitir was a VP at United Artists, which released Carrie, and no one else named Marcia is credited on the film. Plus she sure looks like Nasitir, whom I interviewed a few years back, when that producer's neglected 'Nam film Hamburger Hill came out. Could be wrong. Still, I'd love to see some more of this.
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