I have to be honest with you; there probably is about a zero chance that I will be watching National Secrets: Book of Secrets when it hits theaters on December 21st. Frankly, I was pretty surprised that the first film had enough of a following to even warrant a sequel. But, far be it for me to spoil anyone else's fun; so I present to you Disney's brand new website for the adventure flick. In the spirit of mystery, I won't ruin the surprise, but, basically it's exactly what you would expect. There are plenty of; downloads, trailers, photos, games, and of course, the promise of more to come. Back in May, there had been a teaser poster and just last August, we finally got our trailer. So I can only assume that the web site is the last piece in Disney's marketing puzzle.

NT 2: Book of Secrets, brought back director Jon Turteltaub, and members from the original cast have also returned. Joining Nicholas Cage will be Diane Kruger and John Voight. Cage has been attached to a variety of roles this year – everything from Al Capone to Magnum P.I. and Liberace, although to be fair most of those projects have fallen by the wayside -- it makes you wonder what it was precisely about a National Treasure sequel inspired Cage to stick around. For NT2, Cage's treasure hunter, Benjamin Franklin Gates is uncovering the truth behind the Lincoln assassination through the diary of his killer, John Wilkes Booth. Basically, it's another conspiracy flick that's trying to make US landmarks and history just a little sexier -- which as any high school teacher can tell you, is no easy task.