I'm probably not alone in this, but until today I had never heard of the British music legend Joe Meek -- but I guess that's what Wikipedia is for. Dark Horizons is reporting that the former lead singer of The Darkness, Justin Hawkins, and ex-Libertine guitarist, Carl Barat, have signed on for roles in a biopic about "the flamboyantly gay, tone deaf, songwriter-producer". I wish they could call it that, but they're going with Telstar instead. So be it. Meek was an independent producer and songwriter who was credited with being one of the pioneers of modern music. Notable for being truly independent, he worked out of his home and crafted a string of hits in the '60s. Like many other icons of the '60s, Meek's life came to a tragic end when he murdered his landlady before taking his own life in 1967.

Nick Moran of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels fame will make his directorial debut with the film; he also wrote the 2005 stage play called Telstar (named after one of Meek's big hits) which serves as the basis for the film, including the title. Back in July, Patrick had reported that Kevin Spacey had already signed on for a role as Major Banks, one of Meek's financial supporters. Some of the other cast listed on the flick's IMDB page are a little stranger; mainly the inclusion of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart in the part of 'Dennis'. There is no word on who Hawkins or Barat will play, but it definitely won't be the lead, since British actor Con O'Neill is reprising his role from the stage as Meek. Telstar is currently in post-production and is set for release sometime in 2008.

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