Sometimes you walk out of a festival movie and wonder precisely WHY it was afforded a slot in the first place. Not because the movie's a rotten piece of junk, but because it's just kinda ... there. Standard, familiar, predictable, meh. And certainly nothing you'd expect to find at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. But then I remembered that Ernie Barbarash'sThey Wait is a Canadian-produced thriller -- and also that the Toronto Film Festival does like to spread a little love to the local guys.

So that explains why a perfectly watchable but in no way superior little chiller like They Wait earns a spot. Last year it was the surprisingly effective End of the Line, and this year it's the dry but half-decent They Wait. Anyway, here's the plot: Jaime King and Terry Chen are a married couple with a young son named Sammy. They're required to travel from Shanghai to Canada to attend the funeral of a beloved uncle, but poor little Sammy stumbles across an ancient (undead) secret that you'll be able to figure out less than 45 seconds after the plot threads are introduced. It's like "J-Horror Lite," if that works as any sort of selling point.