We always hear about big actors and actresses jumping behind the camera to whet their other cinematic appetites, but how often does it happen with a highly-recognizable television guest-stinter, movie actress, and singer who is one year away from 70? The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Connie Stevens is currently directing and producing a film called Saving Grace, which she also wrote; the story is influenced by a personal experience Stevens had years ago in Boonville, Mo., during severe floods. This is her first fictional feature, although ten years ago, she did write and direct a documentary about women in Vietnam called A Healing. And, to make things sweeter -- she's got a pretty solid cast.

Penelope Ann Miller
(Blonde Ambition) and Michael Biehn (The Terminator) play a couple named Bea and Landy Bretthorse, who live in a Missouri town during the 1950s. Their lives are "thrown into chaos when Landy's sister Grace (Tatum O'Neal) is released from the local asylum and comes to live with the family." Joel Gretsch (The Emperor's Club) will play Grace's ex-husband, who was married to her for one whopping day, and Piper Laurie (Hounddog) is the administrator who runs the asylum. Apparently, the floods play a pivotal role in the story, but I imagine the insanity is where the fiction comes in. The film is currently on location in Missouri.

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