Big has moved back from Napa, Carrie's got a new assistant, pretty much everyone has signed on (except Stanford!?), and production has begun on Sex and the City: The Movie. I know, I know -- for some this is dance-worthy information, but for others, try not to knock yourself out from banging your head against the wall. Be patient -- the whirlwind of sexy info will die at some point. While we still don't have word on plot or other characters, AICN has posted the first still for the production, which is, of course, Big (Chris Noth) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker).

It looks like just about everything is the same. Big still looks dapper, they're in front of what looks to be his chauffeur's car, and Carrie is way too in love with fashion. My biggest complaint about the show has always been the heights of insanity they reached with her wardrobe. This time around, she's wearing a poofy dress, a black studded belt, and a '50s retro jacket-like thing over it. However, I will give her props on the shoes -- much better than her usual footwear. Topping off the outfit -- an Eiffel Tower purse. I guess some parts of Paris did stick on the fashion-crazed writer. But at the same time, how is that cool when the studded animal purse was not? I'll never understand her world of fashion.
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