First off, I love free movie products. I have no problem pimping a t-shirt or a hat or a pair of socks because, frankly, it saves me the money from having to go out and buy a wardrobe. Yup, I'm that cheap. And I get this stuff all the time -- in the mail, at junkets, at preview screenings -- wherever. And I smile. Because it's one less shirt I need to purchase for myself. So, this morning I get a package in the mail promoting Good Luck Chuck, that Dane Cook/Jessica Alba comedy opening up this weekend. I'm thinking it will be a hat or a t-shirt, but no -- it was a pair of girl's underwear. I'll say that again -- a pair of girl's underwear. Small. Like the kind Alba wears.

I immediately looked around my apartment to make sure no one was watching me hold up this pair of girl's underwear; I'm sure folks like Perverted Justice would have a field day snapping photos of this dude with a beard checking out his brand new pair of small girly underwear. Needless to say, an email went right out to my wife explaining why a pair of girl's underwear was on my desk. I can see that convo now: "Girl's underwear? And who the f*ck is Chuck? You're on the couch tonight!" I must say though, the underwear is rather cute -- it features a cartoon-ish penguin on the front, and the words 'Good Luck Chuck' on the back. Nice. If you're a girl. Which I'm not. And the folks who sent this to me know who I am -- which kind of freaks me out a little -- but then again, they're just trying to promote their film. Which I completely understand. Anyway, that's how my day started -- now I have to run into the city to start seeing New York Film Festival flicks. Traveling sucks, but more about that later this week. In the meantime, what's the strangest piece of movie merchandise you ever received?