After going nowhere with Disney, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past got nabbed by New Line, and it was over a year ago that the company was trying to get Matthew McConaughey to star. At the pace of a snail, the pieces are coming together. In February, The House of Yes and Just Like Heaven helmer Mark Waters had signed on to direct, from a script by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. Now, according to Variety, Jennifer Garner is in talks to co-star in an unspecified role. To recap -- the film will focus on a womanizer who gets haunted by 'ghosts' of his past, present, and future girlfriends while at the wedding of his younger brother. These apparitions lead him to realize that he's in love with his childhood sweetheart.

I imagine that means Garner is the sweetheart, although she could be the new sister-in-law, or a ghostly shepherd that herds the beings in and out of the guy's head. I really hope this flick is worth it, but I don't have much hope. I'm quite sure it will be a fluff success, but it would be really nice if it could be a substantial, fun, and worthy comedy. Or, even a decent one -- 13 Going on 30 wasn't a flawless movie, but it was a welcome change from the usual fare, and it had a killer Thriller recreation. Furthermore, Garner has been involving herself in some solid work lately, like The Kingdom and the hugely-buzzed Juno, so it would be a waste to tarnish those stints with a stinker of a cinema cherry. We'll have to wait a while to find out, however -- production won't get in gear until January.
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