Back in August, Patrick reported that Marvel and Paramount had finally selected Matthew Vaughn (Stardust) to bring Marvel superhero Thor to the big screen. Vaughn will be working from Mark Protosevich's (I Am Legend) script, but a cast hasn't been selected. So far, only Tyler Mane has been offered up as a serious contender -- but if you have ever seen Adventures in Babysitting, you might agree that Vincent D'Onofrio might have a shot.

Vaughn recently talked with Empire about how he became involved: "When I went into Marvel for my first X-Men meeting, I saw a figure on the desk and said 'are you guys are going to make Thor?' They said, 'We're just going to commission a script. We want to do it like Gladiator with Norse mythology and the birth of a superhero'. That really stuck in my mind. And when Marvel saw Stardust, they asked me to do it. So here I am, back again and prepping Thor."

For the uninitiated: Thor is the son of the God Odin, and a little bit of a bad-boy, so dad decides to teach his son a little humility by placing him on earth as a surgeon. Once there, Thor no longer remembers his divine origins, but he does develop the power to transform back and forth (eventually the series did away with the alter-ego altogether). Vaughn has confirmed that there is not going to be much crossover between the Norse and Marvel mythology, saying: "...You've got Thor and Odin and it's set in Asgard - it's not going to be like Lord of the Rings or even Narnia. I think it's important to keep it comic book. We're not doing the Thor of Norse mythology. We're doing the Marvel Thor." We already know that the looming threat of a strike has placed the flick on the fast track, so stay tuned for any updates that come our way.
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