Under New Line, Michael Shamberg and Stacy Sher are getting ready to produce a new romantic comedy written by Gustin Nash (Charlie Bartlett) called Missed Connections, according to Variety. No, it's not about a bunch of tardy people who miss their connecting flights. Nor is it about a fiery connect-the-dots tournament. Instead, it's about a bunch of people searching for the holy grail of love and friendship on the world of the Internet -- or, rather "in an era of instant communication," but I assume that means the net. Will they not get an important e-mail until too late? Or, maybe they miss a connection between their object of online affection and their own life. You can play the degree game (like Kevin Bacon's) all over the web, with yourself at the center, and I think we've all heard that cautionary tale of the girl who fell for a guy online, but was mighty surprised to see who he was when they met in a hotel room.

But it probably won't dip that much into the darker comedy. Sher asks: "The question is how do you fall in love at a time when people are growing less intimate despite being more connected?" Shamberg is comparing it to two of his previous projects -- The Big Chill and Reality Bites. Will it include a bunch of old friends hardened by the real world? Will a Lelaina struggle to find a job, but misuse 'irony' in an electronic letter, and then rue the fact that Troy is so darned distant as he slacks with other disenchanted grads online? How would you throw all of these thematic bits together?
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