You might remember that back in August, Moviefone was looking for questions that Resident Evil: Extinction stars Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter could ask each other as part of the site's Unscripted series. Well, the questions were picked, the interview is now online, and I am very happy to report that they didn't go with the courageous "privates" question (check out the comments in the original post). Jovovich is looking ready to burst, as she's having fiance Paul W.S. Anderson's baby this fall, and Larter looks lovely, as usual.

But really, this isn't about how they look -- it's about their conversation and their butt-kicking movie. The actresses discuss some fluff, the perks of kicking butt, and potential future games. Milla says she did the flicks for her little brother, and after the second, she wasn't too into the whole Resident Evil experience. However, she says that the script was so good, it changed her mind. (PR or real opinion? You decide.) Of course, Ali also got a bunch of Heroes questions, but the best moment came when they discussed the possibility of Milla joining the show, and what Jovovich thinks her special power could be. Now that is something I would pay to see. Those of you who want to see the gals kick tons of zombie ass (is there a better way to spend Saturday night? I think not) -- the movie comes out this week.