As the mining of 80's classics continuesunabated, it was only a matter of time until someone got around to Fright Night. Shock Till You Drop is reporting that Sony's Screen Gems is currently shopping around for a writer to update the 1985 horror flick. According to Shock's sources, executive producer Scott Strauss "may or may not still be attached," and there has been no word on any of the contenders. Strauss recently produced the Ryan Phillipe thriller Breach back in February, and he was also the producer for Robert 'Freddy Kruger' Englund's indie horror, Killer Pad.

The original Fright Night starred Chris Sarandon (ex-husband to Susan), Roddy McDowall, and William Ragsdale. The story centered on a teen (Ragsdale) who is convinced that his new next door neighbor is a vampire (and this is a horror after all, so you know he's right). With the help of his best friend, girlfriend, and a late-night B-movie show host, they battle the bloodsucker, while, of course, leaving room for a sequel. A sequel did occur; three years later McDowall and Ragsdale returned for Fright Night 2, and while it wasn't a total embarrassment, it never quite managed to live up to the original. But that didn't stop the franchise from creating comic books and novelizations that kept the story going. There is no official word on the remake, but Shock did report that they will "take Fright Night in a different direction. One involving an amusement park in some way" -- so maybe it won't be so much an update, as a 're-imagining' of the story. Somehow, this doesn't exactly put my mind at ease. How about you?

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